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A Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit is similar to a Life Annuity but with many additional features. Generally when you invest in a Life Annuity you are giving up care and control of your Investment to the Insurance Company, in return for a Guarantee of Income for Life.

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Retirement Planning

Longer life spans, the increasing cost of living, and market volatility present challenges when planning for retirement.

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A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) lets you build tax-deferred retirement savings.
You can deduct your RRSP contributions from your taxable income, and your investments grow sheltered from tax until you make a withdrawal.

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A Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) lets you convert your retirement savings into retirement income. With a RRIF, your money continues to grow tax-sheltered until you make withdrawals.

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Group RRSPs

A key ongoing concern is employee compensation, as it is directly linked to employee retention, which in turn is vital for a company's success.

Pension Maximization

This is especially true as one nears retirement and the time to choose the pension option that's most appropriate for you and your family is quickly approaching. Not only will the decision you face have wide ranging repercussions-as it will determine the income you'll receive for the rest of your life as well any survivor's benefit-but it is irrevocable.

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