Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness is not something we'd like to face at any point in our lives. Because the risk of getting ill can never be eliminated , it's important that we take precautions so that you're able to make the financial choices required to make a difference when needed most. Securing the right insurance now while you're healthy is one way to cover some of the unexpected expenses that could arise as a result of a critical illness.

Critical Illness is a form of health insurance protection that provides a lump sum benefit to you should you survive a serious illness or condition covered by your policy.

Critical Illness provides a lump sum of cash, tax-free, to help you with the financial means to continue treatment, find the right treatment and protect your financial assets at the same time.

Other benefits include options to get some or all of your money back should you never make a claim and medical assistance services to help you through difficult times.

Critical Illness – Planning for the Unexpected
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