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Andy Husband

Andy graduated from the U of A in 1976 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He gained his professional designation as a Chartered Financial Planner in 1986. He is a member of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, Independent Financial Brokers of Canada and the Alberta Insurance Council.

Andy Husband

Cindy Husband

Cindy has been the office and marketing manager with AMH for 9 years. She has a very diversified background in office administration with over 30 years experience. She has taken several courses in office administration and marketing and is a valuable asset to our team.

Cindy Husband
Our Approach

AMH Financial offer services to achieve your financial goals . We believe in helping you create a financial plan for your family that includes insurance, RRSP, TFSA and GICs. My commitment to you as a Financial Advisor is to help you reach your financial goals.

At AMH, you can trust our financial counsel to have an honest conversation. We give good advice on investment, insurance and financial portfolios which will meet current needs and provide for retirement. We have over 35 years experience.Want to feel more confident about reaching your financial goals? We can help!

Investment Thoughts

If you want to earn higher returns you’re going to have to take more risk

If you want more stability you’re going to have to accept lower returns

The stock market goes up and down and goes back up again

There’s no such thing as a perfect portfolio, asset allocation or investment strategy

No investor is right all the time

Compound interest is amazing but it takes a really long time to work

The best investment process is the one that fits your personality enough to allow you to see it through any market environment

The market doesn’t care how you feel about a stock or what price you paid for it

The market doesn’t owe you high returns just because you need them

Predicting the future is hard

Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Having no investment plan
Putting all your eggs in one basket
Banking on rumors
Not learning the basics
Yearning for quick gains
Following the crowd
In conclusion, by avoiding these common mistakes, you will easily meet your investment goals and save yourself from lot of regrets.

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