Is your estate waiting to explode? By AMH Financial !

You may have a tax time bomb ticking and not even know it!

Are you prepared for the fact that Revenue Canada will claim a large portion of your estate?

Here's the problem:

When you die, you can transfer your assets tax free to your spouse. But, when your spouse dies and the assets are passed on to other heirs, 50% of the increase in the value of some assets will be subject to tax. So, assets like your cottage, stocks, company shares and other investments left to your heirs may be subject to capital gains tax. And this tax is paid before your heirs get anything. It's a tax time bomb most people are unaware of and don't plan for

What are your options?

Creating an effective estate plan means ensuring your beneficiaries are looked after. There are a number of ways to help pay for this tax, but which one is best for you?

The Alternatives

  • You or your family can start saving today,
  • Your heirs can borrow the necessary funds from the bank,
  • Your estate can sell the assets, or
  • You can purchase life insurance to cover the growing liability.

The Best Solution

Life insurance can be the most effective estate planning tool to fund the tax liability. It can provide you with tax-free cash exactly when it is needed to pay the future tax obligation. It guarantees that your heirs don't lose their inherited assets because of a large tax bill. What you get is peace of mind and your heirs get the property you intended them to receive. To find out more, talk to Andy Husband at 780-425-4058 or e-mail us .

What Clients Say

We were looking for a financial advisor and found Andy Husband. We decided to give him a try as we were at the stage of our life when we needed to start retirement planning.
Andy showed us the options that would work best for our needs, and he goes out of his way to listen and advise, and accommodate our busy schedule.
I have, and would recommend Andy to anyone looking to make their money work better for them, and for financial planning.
Lorraine M.Jan 10,2005

I have used Andy as my financial adviser for over 30 years and have found him to be reliable and dependable and always stays in contact to make sure I am up to date on things such as RRSP's etc. He has been of great help in planning my financial future and that of my family.
Ian F. Jan 10,2005

Working with Andy Husband has been a great experience. His investment knowledge has really simplified the process for me, allowing me to start my portfolio with less confusion and intimidation. He has also helped me understand the importance of having good insurance because you never know what life can throw at you. Definitely financial advice worth having!
Sheila H.Jan 10,2005

I have been a client of Andy's for more than 30 years. The tenure of our relationship in itself should indicate how satisfied I am to have Andy as my financial advisor. Andy, has first and foremost, been professional, resourceful, informed and above all, understanding. Andy has been there for me when the funds for investment were meagre and there with wise advise on investment opportunities on retirement. What I appreciate most about Andy, is his dedication to making you feel, that those few (many) dollars you have entrusted to him to invest, are managed as if they were his own. And then delivered. Thank you Andy.
Maggie W Jan 10,2005

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