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Picture of Andy Husband At AMH Financial we look at our business differently. Our role as your financial council is a serious one. And we don't take it lightly. We treat our clients as valued partners. We embrace their goals and make them our own. Sharing your dreams and plans with someone can be scary and intimidating for most people. It requires trust. We unfortunately see many financial planners abuse this trust in pursuit of higher commissions. A lack of education on basic investment, life insurance principles, and financial planning leaves the average person susceptible to fast talking hard selling advisors who may or may not have your best interests at heart. We created our financial process to position ourselves as our clients exclusive trusted financial counsel. Someone you can rely on to have open and honest conversations about planning for money, death, and taxes.

I believe that every individual has an unalienable right to make the best and most effective use of hard earned income, to have easy access to up to date and informed advice, and to be able to provide for short and long-term requirements. I am committed to serving the individual customer with investment and financial portfolios which will meet current needs and provide for future requirements and situations.

Four Cornerstones of Financial Planning

• Complete your will • Reduce your taxes • Invest for your future • Carry adequate life insurance

Is your estate waiting to explode?

This month our Newsletter focuses on Critical Illness Insurance.
If you were critically injured in an accident today, how would it impact you and your family? Often, the biggest challenges faced during recovery aren't just medical, but financial.

What Clients Say

We were looking for a financial advisor and found Andy Husband. We decided to give him a try as we were at the stage of our life when we needed to start retirement planning.
Andy showed us the options that would work best for our needs, and he goes out of his way to listen and advise, and accommodate our busy schedule.
I have, and would recommend Andy to anyone looking to make their money work better for them, and for financial planning.
Lorraine M.Jan 10,2005

I have used Andy as my financial adviser for over 30 years and have found him to be reliable and dependable and always stays in contact to make sure I am up to date on things such as RRSP's etc. He has been of great help in planning my financial future and that of my family.
Ian F. Jan 10,2005

Working with Andy Husband has been a great experience. His investment knowledge has really simplified the process for me, allowing me to start my portfolio with less confusion and intimidation. He has also helped me understand the importance of having good insurance because you never know what life can throw at you. Definitely financial advice worth having!
Sheila H.Jan 10,2005

I have been a client of Andy's for more than 30 years. The tenure of our relationship in itself should indicate how satisfied I am to have Andy as my financial advisor. Andy, has first and foremost, been professional, resourceful, informed and above all, understanding. Andy has been there for me when the funds for investment were meagre and there with wise advise on investment opportunities on retirement. What I appreciate most about Andy, is his dedication to making you feel, that those few (many) dollars you have entrusted to him to invest, are managed as if they were his own. And then delivered. Thank you Andy.
Maggie W Jan 10,2005

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