Retirement Planner and Financial Advisor for over 35 years AMH Financial !

Andy is a retirement planner and advisor . He helps people make wise choices and help them to set a solid plan in place. He strives to help people achieve their short-term and long-term goals to save for retirement .

Four Cornerstones of Financial Planning

• Complete your will • Reduce your taxes • Invest for your future • Carry adequate life insurance

As an independent Financial Advisor and Planner I have access to numerous financial institutions

Please call us at 780-425-4058 to set up an appointment.

From Our Current newsletter

7 Financial Planning Tips for 2017 :

  1. Maximize Your Retirement Saving
  2. Asset Allocation
  3. Your Estate Plan is paramount!
  4. Long Term Investing is Key
  5. Manage Your Debt To Stay Out of Debt
  6. Talk With Family about your Estate Plans
  7. Review Insurance Coverage

12 Tips Money for Life

Build. Protect. Retire With Confidence
  1. Work with me to make smart choices today that you'll thank yourself for in the future.
  3. Save early, safe often, and make your money work for you.
  4. Protect your greatest asset: your income.
  5. Safeguard your savings against the financial impact of an illness.
  7. Take advantage of the time before retirement to boost savings and top-up insurance.
  8. Be "debt-smart" - make reducing or eliminating debt a priority.
  10. Cover basic living needs with guaranteed income.
  11. Enjoy the retirement lifestyle you can afford.
  12. Plan for health needs that emerge as you age.
  13. Plan ahead for your financial legacy and how you'd like to be remembered by the next generation.
  15. Meet with me regularly to review your plan and adjust it as your needs change.

What Clients Say

We were looking for a financial advisor and found Andy Husband. We decided to give him a try as we were at the stage of our life when we needed to start retirement planning.
Andy showed us the options that would work best for our needs, and he goes out of his way to listen and advise, and accommodate our busy schedule.
I have, and would recommend Andy to anyone looking to make their money work better for them, and for financial planning.
Lorraine M.Jan 10,2005

I have used Andy as my financial adviser for over 30 years and have found him to be reliable and dependable and always stays in contact to make sure I am up to date on things such as RRSP's etc. He has been of great help in planning my financial future and that of my family.
Ian F. Jan 10,2005

Working with Andy Husband has been a great experience. His investment knowledge has really simplified the process for me, allowing me to start my portfolio with less confusion and intimidation. He has also helped me understand the importance of having good insurance because you never know what life can throw at you. Definitely financial advice worth having!
Sheila H.Jan 10,2005

I have been a client of Andy's for more than 30 years. The tenure of our relationship in itself should indicate how satisfied I am to have Andy as my financial advisor. Andy, has first and foremost, been professional, resourceful, informed and above all, understanding. Andy has been there for me when the funds for investment were meagre and there with wise advise on investment opportunities on retirement. What I appreciate most about Andy, is his dedication to making you feel, that those few (many) dollars you have entrusted to him to invest, are managed as if they were his own. And then delivered. Thank you Andy.
Maggie W Jan 10,2005

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